Eyeball Review: Wario Land: Shake It!

Wario: Shake Style!

Wario Land: Shake It!

At A Glance Score: 3 / 5 Stars

Wario Land: Shake It! is perhaps one of the best 2D platformers I have played recently. It's slick cartoony coat of paint gives it an excellent aesthetic to an otherwise played genre. The game isn't without its fair share of problems, but is a definate buy if you can find it at a discount.

The Good

+ Awesome Animation / Graphics - feels like playing a cartoon.
+ Fun Level Design.
+ Shake Controls make this game really fun to play! Honestly this game really benefits from the controls.
+ Missions and Loot add to replay value.

The Bad

+ Merfle Noises are annoying
+ Feels half-done, only 4-5 hours worth of play.
+ Game feels like a chore after a while, same objective on every single map. Go to Merfle, rush back to start of level.
+ ZERO incentive to do any of the missions or collect any of the loot, ruins the point of having those in the game.

I fell in love again today... with plastic guitars.

While it may be little surprise to people like Dark_Spartan796 or anyone else that shares my same love of impeccable music (read: excellent melodic metal) but it may surprise you that I have fallen in love. I was reading, right here on Giant Bomb, about Harmonix giving us details on the new content for Rock Band 2 via the code on the booklet when you purchased the game. I too have been wondering when we were going to get those 20 free tracks... now we know.

November 4th, I think, "Ok, that's a few days before Gears, what good timing." So I'm scrolling down the list of tracks until I hit the bottom: "X Japan" I was thinking "that's an odd band name, but it's definitely Japanese, not just someone calling themselves Japan." Jeff posted a link to the video of this group (see embedded) and I instantly fell in love with the sound of this group. I was just simply grabbed by this group. First of all, the singer is really good. I live in Texas and as a result I hear a lot of singing (it doesn't help that I judge by genius singers like Roy Khan and Russell Allen) and I know the good immediately. WOW. I wished they didn't use the effects on the voice for most of the song but... no complaints with the rest!

Folks it happened, I just bought music from game-to-marketplace convergence. Scary times.
Embedded below is the YouTube video, for comparison see my two other favorite Japanese singers: Megumi Hayashibara and Masami Okui.



New DS games

Hey all, I'm starting to use my DS a lot more, what are some DS games where I can get the most for my money?

PS - I don't use the Wi-fi online modes since the first DS does not support WPA-PSK 2 Enterprise encryption =(

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