Prepare for Unforeseen Consequences

Theories suggest the possible formation of black holes, vacuum bubbles, cosmic rays, and last but not least "Strangelets" (hypothetical microscopic lump of ‘strange matter’ containing almost equal numbers of particles called up, down and strange quarks).

All eyes should be on the Collider this Thursday. If we're lucky, science will find anti-matter. The Star Trek unlimited fuel supply that powers their star ships. In the words of a man we all know, you should be prepared for unforeseen consequences.

A Legendary Update!


A Legendary Day, Labor Day
A Legendary Day, Labor Day
Super Mario RPG comes to the Virtual Console, this game taught me to read as a kid and I have finished the game a total of 8 times on the SNES. I am looking forward to playing through it again, I'm very excited.



Like a cigarette in the mouth...

We’ve all had first days before, I mean, every year through grade school we’ve had 12 first days, all equally terrifying in their own right up until high school, where it becomes more of a reunion than a scary first day.

No Comment.
No Comment.
Today was a new lesson in first-days, it was a new type of day that you can only have as a freshman in college. Yet, somehow, I strode into my first class today at 11 AM with a sense of calm and of confidence. Perhaps it was that no one knew me, so there were no indications of who I was, or that I blogged. Perhaps I’m just a confident person. Whatever it may be, it was a good feeling. Walking into a 500-person auditorium for class is a lot like watching a movie. You observe more than you participate. A departure I find welcome from High School. I’d rather watch.

Well, I’m sitting here in one of three main buildings waiting for my second class of the day (and I only have two) and then at 3 I’ll go to the café for some grub, then back to the house to chill and play some Castle Crashers. I hope it’s good, because I need more games than Braid, GTA IV, and UNO to keep me busy in the evening. God knows no girls will talk to me. I hope you guys visit some of the content I’ve posted below too, there’s some good stuff in there I think.

Ninja Gaiden II - Mission Mode??

Still moving in, got my 360 up and working. Braid still kicking my ass.

Is Ninja Gaiden II Mission Mode worth getting for 800 points? I'm a pretty big NG fan so I might overlook the price. Even more importantly: does it bring new achievements to the game?

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