A Bit Too Human IMHO

So I just finished up with the Too Human demo just a bit ago, call me behind the curve but I've been avoiding my 360 lately due to upcoming financial strains caused by college. I think this game has received a lot of negative press in a lot of regions it doesn't deserve judging from what I saw from the demo.

The demo lasted roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes, give or take a few minutes. I think one of the things people didn't or don't understand about the game is the slight nuances of the controls. It wasn't until the end of the demo (I mean last 20 minutes) where literally I was playing alone and started taking to myself: "Oh, if I do this....tap right in that direction...." and I started to /get it/.

I think once you GET IT it's much easier to play. I didn't really enjoy the game until the last 20 minutes of play. It just goes to show you have to stick with some games, play it for an hour, and you'll grow to love it. Too Human happens to be one of the games that I was apprehensive about, but now that I've seen it and I understand the controls and how stuff works. I can say I'm genuinely excited for the full game.

Meet Dr. Horrible; sing along with me

Note: Usually I try to stay away from non-gaming related stuff on a gaming blog, however as a geek I felt I couldn't pass up an opportunity to let you see this, this is awesome!

Let me preface this whole thing by saying: I've NEVER watched any movies twice except those in the Original Star Trek Series of movies and Joss Whedon's Serenity.

Perhaps that's why it surprises myself that I cannot stop watching Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog since I originally downloaded it to iTunes. Like all Joss Whedon stuff, the material has it's heart in the right place with an interesting premise. And like Serenity the writing is excellent.

What really grabs me about this 42 minute production is that while it's funny at moments, the characters are not necessarily interesting, but they are out-there enough and weird enough that you keep watching just to see what they'll do. More so than that, the singing is actually REALLY good and it's not just tacked on, it feels like a geeky musical, which is refreshing and welcome in today's boring world of television.

I've attached a preview below, if you like what you see CLICK HERE to see the entire 42 minute sing-along for free. I cannot recommend this enough, I hope you enjoy it.



Of Bombs and Moderators

In this video I discuss my early thoughts on the site and provide some feedback as to my experience so far.

Before I had this video completely uploaded this story ran on Gamespot and several other news sites that Activision is reviewing and revising it's Vivendi portfolio to contain fewer games. This means games like Brutal Leend and the upcoming Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena are being dropped. Needless to say I am heartbroken for not only that, but the fact that it didn't end up in the video.


A few edits later...

So I'm writing this first thing in the morning after I reviewed some edits that just went in and one that was rejected...for no good reason..anyways! I'd like to get you all familiar to my territory on Giant Bomb as an expert. This is just going to be for the following pages:

MechWarrior (franchise + franchise games + Battletech)
Metroid Prime titles
and Retro Studios (company)

I feel like I've added a lot, it just hasn't been approved so you all can see it. One of the main issues I'm having right now is people uploading just fucking tons of screen shots you know they stole from somewhere. I love making things better, but by stealing? I'm not so sure. I may be a bit hypocritical about this though, since I've taken a few from places that I didn't own. I think the site will be built on who can steal what pics the best to get 1000 points. Anyways, I'm loving the site so far, just not liking this long moderation system.

I'm striving to make as much of my edits as textual as possible to improve article accuracy. Not by uploading screens. When you see my name on an article...you can be sure it's been looked over and edited by me.

As of this writing, my oldest sub awaiting approval is: 4 days and 4 hours old.


Video Games Live 2008

Sometimes as a gamer (sorry Jeff) I feel like I need more community involvement than I can get online. Times like the Xbox 360 launch and the Halo 3 release parties have been very memorable for me in the past because everyone forgets their console alignments and has fun in a very social atmosphere. I feel like Video Games Live is the ultimate culmination of this idea and I'm very excited to share a video I shot on location with you. Enjoy.

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