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 I think it'll be 2 out of 5 on Giant Bomb and I think people will refer to it as acceptable, but that's it.    

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@RJay_64 said:
" I think iTunes is okay, but you are screwed if something happens to your computer.  "
You're screwed anyways, unless you're smart enough to back up.... then you'd still have your iTunes collection. So your point is moot. 
I love iTunes, been using it for years.
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Borderlands was SUPER MEH, however, they nailed the shooter part so well that it was worth playing and rather fun. You just have to get back the lack of story.

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A BETA should actually be a beta-phase testing build rather than a mostly-completed copy of the game with debug network code. It's totally disingenuous if not.

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I'm going to say MECHWARRIOR, only because I'm a fool and actually believe it will come out.

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@wolf_blitzer85 said:
" Nah. Giantbomb is the only site that makes me feel all tingly inside. "
I thought that was just me...... 
*ahems; runs away*
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Seeing these boards recently, totally necessary... I wish we had them in real life... not cops, just people allowed to slap stupid people.

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go to gazelle.com and that's usually a good indicator for used electronics, not gaming stuff, but for most other things. I can tell you weren't getting far w/ these other blokes.

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@Jeff said:
" On one hand, it's nice to know that your work carries weight. On the other, watching people bicker about something so fucking stupid for so long sort of shakes your faith in humanity. It's a very high score given to a well-made game. It's also probably my least favorite "main" Zelda game, if we're ranking 'em. 
Here's your "behind the scenes" moment of what that's like: It's a bunch of message board posts coming in from unreasonable-sounding people while a room full of editors just kind of shrug and move on to the next assignment. Congratulations, Internet. Mission accomplished. "
I think that's pretty much all that needs be said. I agree with Jeff here.
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sounds like   adapting the current hardware with new software and HD abilities.