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Almost as good as the original 0

-- Transmission Received -- When Metroid Prime debuted back in 2001 for the Gamecube no one could have foreseen the unmistakable impact that the game had on all other shooters since its release. Many developers have tried, but none have succeeded where Retro Studios has in making a compelling game world as rich as Metroid's. Playing as the female bounty hunter Samus Aran, alone in the universe to uncover secrets of ancient alien species and mysteries. Starting in the first game with the Tallon ...

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Alone in The Darkness 0

This review of an Xbox 360 game ain't what you were expectin'. However no one was expecting a good shooter based on New York gang tensions from the same studio in Sweden that brought us that one Xbox game that was better than the actual movie. Anyone remember The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay? This time, instead of being based on a movie, The Darkness is based on an old comic book, published by Marvel, of the same name. Set in a fictional section of New York, the story takes pl...

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They are NOT zombies! 0

In a season where Wii games are exceptionally rare, not to mention good games, people tend to notice any sort of release. Instead of a new Resident Evil adventure, Capcom chose to (yet again) re-release Resident Evil 4 following the adventure of former cop, now secret service agent Leon Kennedy and his quest to save the President's Daughter. Now adapted for Nintendo's revolution, the Wii. For those not already familiar, this review will be a mere glance back at Resident Evil 4, and take the mos...

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50% new, 50% the same new 0

Devil May Cry is a longstanding franchise that traditionally has been a Playstation exclusive is now out on the Xbox 360 to great surprise and joy of the user base. Finally, a great hack and slash game for a new group of people to try, but is it worth your 60 bucks? The first thing to keep in mind is that Devil May Cry 4 is not just a hack and slash game but also an action-adventure game set in a fictional world. Unlike the previous games though, DMC4 may be considered a departure from the seri...

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Dark Sector almost hits the mark 0

Dark Sector is a game that manages to pluck a chord with fans of the Gears of War style third-person shooter with that familiar over-right-shoulder camera viewpoint. Unfortunately, being a clone often means that doing something new is out of the question. Dark Sector manages to take an old style, bring new game-play to it, but fails to do much more than that. Immediately after putting the game in, one will notice the breathtaking graphics of what you can only assume is the latest build of the U...

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