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I have the exact opposite problem. My power and eject buttons are too sensitive and I turn on the PS4 every time I dust.

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Wired > Wireless

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I can't believe no one has mentioned Munchkin. It's all about being a dick and it works perfectly with 3-5 people.

Castle Panic and Zombie Dice are also a good starters or palette cleansers for the night.

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@rorie: Thanks! This fixed it for me :)

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@leych said:

Was never in it.

Unless they stop charging for Xbox Live I'm going to stick to PC gaming and PS4.


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@klei: I think not giving different outcomes is by design.

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@Yummylee said:

I thought Mexico was fucking boring, and its story was largely self-contained and didn't service the main plot in any meaningful way. The atmosphere and landscape was enjoyable to travel across, though. In any case New Austin was my favourite section; primarily because that's the first area you're introduced to, where everything about RDR is so fresh and wondrous. I can remember completely skipping the story at first in favour of just exploring around, completing challenges, capturing bounties ect.

West Elizabeth is also fantastic. I love the soundtrack when you're in Blackwater, and Tall Trees could become surprisingly haunting at night time when-OMGABEARSOMEBODYHELPME!

Totally with Yummy. West Elizabeth was such an amazing section — also fuck those bears and cougars.

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Haven't read more than 2 pages of this thread, but I know it's going down the hole of the designers saying "I love it, SEXY IMAGES!" and the rest saying "It's messy and I can't consume information because the images are too damm big."

It's very well designed, but a horrible user experience. That's it.

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Adding a third level of depth to behind Deathtrap could be interesting. I'm thinking more along the lines of a pattern or detailed texture. I haven't played enough Gaige to offer some solutions to what it could be, but I know one tree is very shock heavy.

And yes, typography could be a bit more stylized.

Great start!