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This kind of killed me ( from his wedding ):


Gahhhh. Crying again.

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I have a bad feeling about this.

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Dude, NO. You are doing it wrong! There are some really, really good producers working in Kpop (whose names I will eventually look up, probably!) If you remotely enjoy any sort of pop you are bound to find a Kpop group that you will like. It's inevitable.

shinsadong tiger, brave brothers, sweetune, e-tribe, jyp, teddy park, and more recently, double sidekick are pretty much the big names as far as i know. there's also sm in house producers who i don't know the names of.

Lee Min Soo is a genius song writer. He writes a lot of songs for IU, Sunny Hill, and Gain. Listen to IU's album "Last Fantasy." It is one of the greatest albums I've ever heard in Kpop and anywhere else.

I agree about Last Fantasy! It's a beautiful work. The video for "You and I" is a favorite of mine.

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First live performance of Countryside Life! Looks like they fucking nailed it. Great energy and it's good to hear the fan chants going strong.

That was a great performance! Fantastic choreography and charisma.

I'm going to go ahead and skip that 4Minute performance, I think. It sounds like all it would do is give me Milkshake flashbacks.

new younha

Lovely song. The video is quite nice, too. I like how the dancing revolves around Younha and the male lead. The ending scene gave me chills.

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:@mcghee You chose a great pair of comebacks to open this thread with. 4Minute is one of the first K-pop groups that sunk its teeth into me, and I'm loving their new mini-album. What's Your Name is a great tune, and the rest of their release matches it. Not just in quality; I feel like they've succeeded in evoking their debut sound, but in a way that evolved it as well. Great stuff.

I am completely in love with the T-ara N4 release. I prefer the Drama version of the MV, though. T-ara's commitment to narrative context in their drama videos works very well with their new track. Their willingness to look completely inept in this rural setting is a lot of fun to watch. The song is fantastic, too; I love the mix of the traditional instruments with the thumping dance rhythm. Way to go, T-ara!

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@onimonkii: @wemibelec90: I really like the song Expectation itself, as well. I wish the video would have done something more creative. Actually, I think that latest album release (which is crazy to think that it's their first full-length album) is pretty good. Easy Go is a great track, and I Don't Mind is lovely.

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@wemibelec90: I love Girl's Day. They have a playfulness that I find infectious and their music is consistently catchy. The Expectation video isn't among my favorites; I have no problem with them going more mature or trying something new, but it lacks the inventiveness of their better works.

Oh! My God is definitely my favorite video of theirs, but Don't Flirt is probably my favorite song. That video is also a blast!


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Skies of Arcadia has my favorite RPG combat system. The Spirit Point system made me think several turns ahead. It's not super-complicated, but has a lot of options, and each character is unique in their special abilities.

I have a soft spot for turn-based systems. The trick with the characters and monsters charging each other and mixing it up constantly, trading blows and running around regardless of whose turn it is, is hugely significant for me. It can be argued that it's strategically important (it does determine line-of-sight and area of effect), but what tickles me about it is the illusion of each and every random encounter being a unique battle. Having everyone line up on their side of the field is now unacceptable for me with turn-based combat. Skies of Arcadia, you captured my heart!

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