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I do this when I don't want to look someone in the eye but want them to think I am.

I am strange?

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A friend and I commiserated and are continuing to do so, sending messages like "Hey did you see the Olly Moss thing" or "Did you see the RAW sign" .. told a couple friends and my mom about it, too, but not into too much detail. God, this blows.

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I feel like anyone who said "salt" should reroll. I'd say that's a spice and not a condiment.

I do not like mustard (except honey).

I only can eat ketchup on some french fries (the bigger ones with more potato) and also hamburgers. Can't stand it on chicken or eggs or steak (UGH).

Hot sauce is pretty good but I don't really put it on things?

Soy sauce is prob one of my fave condiments but, again, it's not really good on anything but rice/fish/sushi (my fave).

BBQ sauce is good on pretty much all meats! But...mayonnaise is also a delight.

In summation I think I am going to pick BBQ sauce. "The Jug" Hawaiian BBQ sauce to be specific.

... I hope this condiment analysis is sufficient.

EDIT: I include Arby's sauce as a BBQ sauce since it is. Omg.

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I guess I don't see why I would. I paid the $7.50 or whatever it was at the time to get all the extras.

The only game I played out of the bunch is Limbo and most of the rest are ones I would have like to play at some point. I guess I also played Super Meat Boy but didn't really give a shit about it. Limbo was also just eh.

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Trying to get a relevant job, trying to get my fitness on (~10 pounds down thus far), applying to vet school maybe possibly, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for no apparent reason.


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welp hello there. pretty sure i am my own icon but this saves you a click.
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Maybe Rorie can put this on his resume or something. Dude needs work.

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@Bakumatsu: I thought she was younger, also. I think this is due to the fact that they describe her as something of a simpleton in the books? She's not all there and was unmarried still by age 33 so I imagine she had some sort of disability or something that they didn't really diagnose "back then."

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Oh, duh. And this is my Boston Terrier, Louie. He's about 8 and acts about 1. Also: underbite.

And that last one is a bonus for .. LOST cat!

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This is my cat. His name is Brad(ley). Not after Shoemaker but after Majors from Rocky Horror.

At about 7 or 8 weeks old while I was fostering him.

A couple weeks ago, at 1 year old. Very furry.

Aaand here he is now, all naked and stuff. My mom wanted to cut down on shedding. Lion cut!