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It gets real bad once they decide forcing you to fly around is a good idea. That's like the third or fourth one, but just stop once you get all you need to unlock those skills.

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You're the ONLY other person to put Jazzpunk as GOTY (besides like every other guy posting in here). And for that I love you.

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Dungeon of the Endless has gotten like no love from anyone other than RPS. That game should be top 5 of most people's GOTY, easy.

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PS4 - UnrealDP yo add me.

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I really can't imagine that, but I guess I will one day. I hope really hope Jeff's okay. Take as much as you need man, we can all wait, like for real.

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That's the one! It's prooobably the best UPF? Definitely up there.

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Intrusion 2 is incredible. It's like a physics-y Metal Slug, but not as shitty or full of cheap deaths. There's something just incredibly satisfying about it and its physics, like the weight of everything makes it so much fun to roll around and murder the everything. It's longer than you'd expect, too.

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Secret Life of Walter Mitty - 2.5/5

The most average, uninteresting thing mankind has ever produced. Maybe if that movie had less dull, lengthy, predictable dream sequences in the beginning and more natural dialogue and believable characters -- and a story that wasn't a predictable cliche from beginning to end -- then maybe it would be something beyond inoffensive empty calories. But god, again on the dialogue: it's just so goddamn careless. I feel like somebody sent somebody else an older version of the script, before all the valuable editing and thoughtfulness put in, and nobody cared. Mitty's love interest, the forgettable lady with the name no one will remember minutes after seeing the movie, has that red hearing scene where it seems like she has a boyfriend, but instead it's later revealed, shocker, it was the fridge repair man! In that scene the "fridge repairman" answers the door casually all like "Can I help you?" like he owns the damn place and then calls to get lover lady by howling "Honey, there's a guy here." The fridge repairman apparently said that. It's like a revision of the movie that just forgot to get chopped out. Oh man, and there's that scene with the Norwegian kids who trade their pricey ass longboard for Walter's toy or whatever and start "playing" with it and having the times of their life, in the most "believable" ways possible. Like, this is a really scattered review, but those are just some of the scenes in particular that struck out at me with just their poor scene construction and generally lacklusterness, but all-in-all it's really just a dull, old people catnip film. Adam Scott was in it though, so that's like 2 and a half stars right there.

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Fuuuuck yes. I'll see you there and stuff, duder.

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I'm more of a Duder Echolocation guy my self... but eh, Hibbing, Minnesota.