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I remember the podcast art was of like a cartoon train, but literally no idea what the date remotely was.

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Christ, people have really said that to you? Fuck, okay, I guess I am on the internet. Anywho, great article, Patty!

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God, poor Phil Fish. That dude gets a lot of shit, like more than anyone else in this industry. Ugh, I hope he's doing okay.

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That's just so tragic. My condolences, seriously. Like god, that's, fuck, what? That's crazy and awful. I can't even begin to process, or think about this. Stay strong you guys, please.

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I love you Kleptock, keep it real in hotdog town.

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Christ, I don't know about a console exclusive Half Life 3, but sure, I wouldn't doubt it showing up on the Playstation.

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Same clothes as earlier unless it was like jeans or something, cuz like come on, I'm not crazy.

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Oh man, "not so fan-fictiony?" That's like the worst thing Microsoft could of said...

I don't even understand what that's supposed to mean. Maybe I need to read more fan-fiction to get it. Is "fan-fiction" somehow synonym with "bad writing"?

I don't think there's any specific definition for it, but it just implies bad writing and a lack of professionalism. Just the notion of saying that this feels like it was written by a fan is bad enough, but using such awful shorthand like "fan-fictiony" just adds insult to injury. It's also non-feedback in that it's so unspecific that they might as well have said "This story's shitty." Like, if I'm writing a story and a friend looks at it and says "Too fan-fictiony" then I have no idea what to do with that information. Are the characters bad? Is the dialogue bad? No clue, but I'm just some dude trying my best to basically make this game alone and that's the criticism I get? Cool, thanks Microsoft?