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My first instinct is to write something heartfelt and sentimental, but I can't help but feel Ryan would reply along of the lines of 'FUCKING BLOCKED'.

Instead, I'll say Adios Duder! Thanks for everything. :)

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I've noticed a slow but steady trickle of staff leaving for other projects too. No idea what's behind it. You'd think that as we're at the brink of a new console generation they'd be tooling up to cover it, not scaling down.

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@horsefactory said:

I'm just happy to have Rorie around in general, regardless of his job role.

He sure is one classy & entertaining gentleman!

This. If there was a Rorie Fan Club, I'd be in it.

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Can't attend sadly, but I really like the sound of it. Further proof that Sony really appear to have pulled their shit together and are pushing this fight for developers minds & hearts on a few different fronts.

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Those crazy kids and their DOPA. I just don't understand it, and don't have the time to invest in it to get to know it either. Therefore it's this impenetrable wall of culture and jargon that skims over my head.

More power to the people who know about this stuff and are passionate about it though.

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I think the age of the demo has definitely passed.

I remember staying up till stupid o' clock in the morning, watching a live stream of CliffyB working at his computer, waiting for the Unreal Tournament demo to be released. I played that game with purely bots for weeks and weeks. Over and over, on the same map.

I just don't think it's possible to hold anyone's attention span like that any more. We're bombarded with new stuff all the time via so many different channels. It's kind've sad, but that's progress I suppose.

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Best summary I've read on this subject. Bravo Sir.

I understand why they are doing it, but I fear Microsoft's plan of 'all things to everyone' will inevitably bite them in the arse.

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Just speculating here but I have a horrible feeling the console will be heavily integrated with kinect, windows 8, smart glass and other multimedia bs.

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Console (or system) wars are largely meaningless - always have been. Most publishers tend to push for multi-platform these days to maximise profits with the odd exception where manufacturers can lock in exclusivity deals.

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So the crux of the matter appears to be that currently, Steam's destiny is tied to whatever Microsoft decide to do with their operating system. There hasn't been a really decent alternative to Windows for PC gaming since.. well.. ever. Yes, yes. I know Mac's can play games now, but it's still not the platform of choice.

PC Gaming has been Microsoft's red headed step child since the 360 arrived on the scene. Hardware vendors, specifically those who tailor to the PC gaming market might be interested in developing for a platform other than Windows/DirectX if someone can create enough ground swell to demonstrate that it'd be worth their time. Remember OpenGL? With some love and attention that might provide a viable alternative. As for Operating system, Steam could adopt a flavour of Linux. The reason Linux hasn't made it big for gaming thus far is because the community is so splintered between different distros. If Valve could get people to unite behind a gaming flavoured version of Linux, who knows where they could go with this.

All wild speculation of course, and unlikely to happen anytime soon.