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The new standard for strategy games 0

 Whilst Empire: Total War is quite a re-shuffle of the tried and tested formula that's made the Total War franchise so well loved, all the important game elements are still there to make this the best war strategy game you've ever played.   For Total War veterans, you may be a bit disorientated initia  lly by the re-organisation of the campaign map and the introduction of 'regions'. Stick with it however, as this only serves to help keep on top of all the action when you're in to the depths of t...

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What better way to chill out in front of your 360? 0

Uno is undoubtebly my game of choice when I want to sprawl out in front of my TV and not have to think too hard about what I'm playing. The rules, whilst being straight forward, allow for quite a bit of crafty gameplay and can result in some memborable hands. Up to four players at a time can play via the Live! service and there's certainly no shortage of active games to join at almost any point during the day. There are plans to incorporate the upcomming 360 webcam into the game so that you ca...

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Crazy-Aztec-Ball-Spewing-Frog-Game! 0

ow to describe Zuma to a person who's never heard of it before? There's this stone frog and it spits coloured balls into chains of other balls on a track, and you have to make them all disappear before they go into this hole. Yep.. I'm pretty sure they'd think you'd been hitting up the magic mushrooms all day long. But beneath this strange exterior is a puzzle game which can be every bit as addictive as the seminal Tetris. In the same way that I can't describe why putting blocks together to f...

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Online fun! 0

You could justify buying this game on the single player aspect alone. I owned Burnout on my old Xbox and enjoyed it immensly from start to finish. But Revenge manages to raise the bar even further and not only improve on the single player game in just about every area but also present one of the most cohesive and intense Live games available on the 360. Criterion has implemented a simple yet effective 'revenge' system which tracks all the people you've crossed paths with in previous races. So i...

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Quirky platform puzzler. 0

Cloning Clyde is a 2d puzzle platformer. Many of you (including myself) might switch off at this point as dismiss it as yet another shallow copy of Mario. But wait dear reader!! All is not as it appears to be. Cloning Clyde is crammed with thoughtful little touches which raise it above mediocre and into quirky and fun. As the name suggests, you can clone Clyde in order to solve a number of increasingly difficult puzzles (kind of like lemmings where it takes a team effort to escape the level). ...

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All style, no substance. 0

I must admit that I was a little disappointed with DOA4. I owned DOA3 on the Xbox and despite it's faults I did play it through to the bitter end to get all the hidden goodies. Although DOA4 is graphically everything you'd ever expect from a game in this series, gameplay wise it just feels like a bit of a step backwards. My main bone of contention is the computer AI. Although initially quite easy to beat it quickly heads towards being almost infallible. It will almost always counter you success...

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Ding Ding! Seconds out. Round 3! 0

There's a lot of bad things to say about EA and their evil monopoly. But when they produce sporting games of the caliber of Fight Night it's hard to stay mad at them. Before Fight Night came along with it's total punch control system, boxing games were mostly glorified contests of button mashing. The punch control system is so utterly intuitive and easy to control that you'll soon seem to be some kind of pro as you duck and counter your opponents with consumate ease. Ok, so we've seen all this ...

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Instant classic. 0

It's not very often that a game comes along which is so totally and utterly engaging that you end up planning out your next steps in the game whilst you're away from the comfort of your living room. This morning whilst on the way to work I was planning out which route I'd take to finish my quest, which guild I'd visit next for a contract and which weapons I'd equip to make best use of my abilities. Oblivion is one of those rare games which gives you an open ended experience but manages not to ...

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Short but oh so sweet. 0

If you're like me and don't have a lot fo spare time to sit down and actually play through your games collection, Max Payne 2 is the answer to your prayers. Just like a good short book, it will keep glued to your screen just to see how the plot develops, it's not overly long and each chapter (or level) serves a purpose in revealing the story. The style of the game is much the same as the first.. gritty, dark with a little toungue in cheek humour here and there for good measure. Particularly wor...

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Painkiller is a refreshing return to the basics. 0

The background story.. not important. All you need to know is you are trapped in Hell and the only thing that can redeem you is by turning everything in your path into a red puddle of goo. Painkiller is a full on, all out, balls to the wall FPS where stealth and strategy is for big girls who wear lots of makeup. Enemies have no sense of self preservation, they charge at you in groups all eager to tear something off your body.. and perferably something you are fond of. But fear not! For you are ...

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