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Just found out a couple of minutes ago when a friend told me, I'm still really shocked. I've only met Ryan for brief periods at PAX (and if anyone remembers from last year, I'm the guy he shouts at to stop running for the mic), but he always struck me as a really genuine and generous person.

This is terrible news for his family, friends and the Giant Bomb community at large. We've lost one of the great ones, all we can do now is carry forward with the qualities and care that Ryan showed to all of us.

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Great interview Patrick, on top of breaking this scorching hot story to begin with. Safe travels to Chicago!

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I like what I've seen of the beta, excited to see it go live!

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I do, but not absolutely: I still pop by my SNES every so often, and plan to do the same with some of my other consoles as well.

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These are pretty great!

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I have a strong feeling that it will be The Walking Dead.

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Excited to see what his inevitable new company will come up with, I'm sure it will be awesome.

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I turned on my Vita for the first time in months last night, updated the system software and eagerly checked out the game store. Even with modest expectations, I was really disappointed.

How has the system garnered so few "full" game releases, along with a really small selection of digital only games? Did Sony somehow believe that a selection of PSOne titles compatible with the Vita would make up for one of the worst first year software libraries for a new device in gaming history? I really want Sony to turn this around and justify my launch day purchase of the Vita, but I'm growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of commitment to the platform.

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This almost looks like a parody project, I still can't take it seriously. Why didn't Nintendo just integrate a 2nd stick into the XL, and use it as a selling point for existing 3DS original owners to upgrade?

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