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I don't know if many agree with me on this, but I felt like this DLC was completely pointless. It felt like Fable 2 all over again. I get my hopes up and Lionhead lets me down. The Quest lasted about fifteen minutes and the shooting range and Reaver's mansion are recycled versions of the Westcliff shooting range and  Colosseum from from Fable 2. Also there are no new achievements for this, so you could completely skip this.
So what's your opinion on this? Where you guys as let down as I was? Do you think they should have just included this stuff with the original release?

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I'm having extremely bad lag in the Co-op portions of not just Fable III, but Fable II as well. Is this because I hook up to Xbox live through wireless?

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@wickedgame69:  Okay thanks, my gamertag is: Unwritten Duck. I'll send a friend invite.
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@wickedgame69: If you're willing to hold onto fable 2 for a while I'll need help with this achievement in the future.
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I've seen a pretty wide range of responses and how I end up deciding myself is pretty much a mixture of them all. I really like achievements more than I do Trophies, so I get the majority of my games for Xbox. Any kind of shooter 1st or 3rd person, is more than likely going to go to my Xbox. I feel the controller is more suited for that. Action/Adventure games and some RPG's end up going to the PS3, but I use it more for renting movies, blu-ray, and of course exclusive titles. 
Right now my biggest dilemma is choosing which system to get Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for. I have a real friend who want's to play with me, but he only owns a PS3. Only reason for me to get the Xbox version is that I figure more people would be online to play it.

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This is a discussion for those of us who own more than one gaming platform. I myself own a PS3 and an Xbox 360, so I can have access to some system exclusive games, such as Halo for 360 and Heavy Rain for PS3, but what about those games that are available on multiple platforms? When you have to choose which system you will get a new game for what factors do consider? How do you make your decision?

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I pre ordered my copy of Fable III as well and I approached Gamestop about the Villager Maker because I never received any code on any receipt or card inside the case. When  I asked they told me that they had received an email from lionhead saying that they were discontinuing the Villager Maker because  of technical problems. Obviously this isn't entirely true. So was Villager maker not included in pre orders in the states or something?

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@FirePrince: No it doesn't . If you play local co-op you generally have to stay in the same area as the other player. If you play over Xbox live you can pretty much go anywhere as long as you stay on the same map.
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I'll hold onto it even when they stop making DLC for it. I'm a die hard Fable fan. Have been since the original came out on Xbox.

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Finally got the achievement. Now all that's left that is of some difficulty is collecting all the weapons.

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