GOTY 2012

Played remarkably few full-retail games this year. XCOM and Dishonored both had brief rentals around the time my daughter was born, and I basically covered just the tutorial sections of both. (I've since picked up and started XCOM, and am within days of my first council review. XCOM is already a frontrunner to be my 2013 2012 game of the year; may not get to Dishonored until 2014.) I also have a few titles laying around that I flat out haven't gotten to, so my apologies to fans of Hotline Miami, Mark of the Ninja, FTL, Crimson Shroud, Dear Esther, and The Legend of Grimrock. Finally, no Xbox means no Xbox-exclusives, so no Fez or Spelunky.

(Xenoblade got a late-breaking bump once I got past the Tom Chick-approved breakpoint.)

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