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When it's ajar.

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(Testing for a quest)

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From someone who shares most of your opinions on the last few games (I quite liked X-2 though, perhaps because I loved X a lot more than most), I thought I should say that XIII is being made by the team who last brought us FFX, which makes me hopeful. 
I can't argue with the cliches and the combat though, I too thought FFX's combat was the best and I just take the cliches for granted when talking about Final Fantasy. That said, I'd rather have clichéd characters with an interesting story behind them than a game with absolutely no story at all (XII, imo.) 
FFXIII Dev Info Link

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PSThreeWeeksty  >_>

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The Protagonist looks like Drew to me. 

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@bjorno said:

Listen to all the console kiddies here. Fact is that if I hook up a keyboard and mouse to a console I'd bitch-slap all of the kiddies at their own game. The PC community wants something that's not as dumbed down as what the console kiddies want. Face facts: Console kiddies can't focus more than a few minutes at a time until their ritalin kicks in. They don't want to spend the time to get truly good, they want aim help and dumbed down games so that they can get their instant gratification. I feel bad for the women that date these console kiddies. They get a couple of minutes of action before the console kiddies have popped off. I laugh at the lamers who use controllers cuz they don't have much skill. Who ever heard of an FPS where you can't lean left or right around a corner? Maybe for the console kids cuz they've got a total of 5: forward/back/left/right/bunnyhop (which is just plain fagalicious).

All you console fags have no clue nor would last a week playing against PC gamers. And lets not forget that playing with a controller makes your penor small.

Idiot much?
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@Akeldama said:
" too bad the GTA IV multiplayer was garbage "
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@Cyst said:
" @TheHBK said:
" Oh shit yeah!  That is the capitol building, a whole firefight in one of the congressional chambers?  Sweet.  As for the PS3 bias, dude, its not the lead platform and for a reason, its not doing so hot! "
U best be trollin'. Also, it really shocks me how much people think they know how a game is developed, but in actuality know so little. "
So you're implying the guy mentioned in the article bitching about bias has a valid and not-completely-pathetic point?
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