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I very much doubt it.

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I think it sets a bad precedent. Being bombarded by in game ads to buy shortcuts and cheats is not something I look for in my video game experiences.

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I really don't care for the design. Some of the articles are probably worth reading but that terrible layout keeps me from spending any time there.

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I save scum in the original Fallout to the point that I reload if I don't get a critical hit. Taking out deathclaws in just a couple of hits is so satisifying.

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Deeply disappointing.

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I've lost many games over the years, however the only one I regret not having anymore is Jet Grind Radio for the Dreamcast. That was a singular fantastic game that I was proud of owning.

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No. This generation has been good but it could be much better. We can't even play many of the games we have now with a smooth framerate, so absolutely not.

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More like internet gaming communities of cynics.

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Patrick being in on certain quick looks is great. I couldn't imagine him not being in the the Don't Starve or Kentucky Route Zero videos for example. The problem is that he isn't really funny and he also isn't very knowledgeable about certain kinds of games. I'm not kidding when I say that I was greatly relieved that he wasn't sitting in on the Ni no Kuni quick look.

Besides that I generally only watch quick looks of games I have a genuine interest in all the way through unless the guys playing and commentating are hitting on all cylinders with the jokes.

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I'm ready to see what they have to offer that's better than what's available now. The PC market has become so encompassing now though that new console launches are not as exciting to me as they once were. Better graphics and more realistic physics alone isn't enough anymore. Not when PCs almost get all the games that consoles get nowadays and can do them way better.

I'm more immediately interested in the Oculus Rift which actually seems like a dramatically new way to experience games.