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I'm a procrastinator who gets the job done.

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I think Ono just really liked his electric powers, haha.

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I just want to buy some games, is that too much to ask for, but I guess security comes first, oh well.

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looks great

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Thank you for the recommendation, I will definitely check it out, how are the internal speakers if you do have that particular model? Does anyone else have any recommendations?

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 Hi everyone, I hope this is the right location to post this in, and I figured PC users would know best, I apologize in advance if it isn't. I'm interested in getting a monitor this summer to use to play PS3 games, as well as external speakers to get some good sound, and I'll also be using it as another display monitor for my macbook pro. I don't particularly know a tremendous amount about the best monitors or speakers available on the market, the Tested boards are a little emptier compared to the GB community so I've come here. I'm a freshman college student on a budget so my limit is around $350 for both the monitor, and some decent speakers. Thanks in advance for for any and all help that everyone can provide.

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I recommend amazon, you can get free 2 day shipping if you're a student, and in my 2 instances i got both books brand new for maybe 3 bucks more than the used versions than if i bought it at barnes and nobles used.

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I love you all

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I'm excited, I just bought Torchlight for my mac a few days ago

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This was so great, I've never played an rts but startcraft 2 looks so good, also that back and forth match brad had was terrific.

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