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I think a more optimal romanization of the Heroine is "Isabeau," since it's Hebrew for "God's Promise."

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It's got STEVEN.

Quit your whining, everybody.

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I chortle at the fact that everybody thinks that Nocturne is the only SMT game.

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Doi, huh? At least it's not Soejima or Yasuda! And with sound likely by Tsuchiya...

The overworld looks great. The atmosphere and variance of settings look amazing, and the new displays look good too. I don't mind the 2D battles. Cannot wait to kill my friends.

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Sexy Doll!

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What? Deadman is hilarious and unironically so damn stupid I can't help but enjoy it.

It's like a rollercoaster with head explosions.

And Casshern is pretty cool.

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Never stop, you beautiful goony son of a bitch.

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This is LITERALLY the worst thing. I am praying these poor bastards at GSC get airlifted from Ukraine by a U.S developer to make S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2

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Boss as fuck animated GIF incoming.

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I think the thing he was most wrong about was the characters. Sure, you can argue that block pushing puzzle solving isn't your thing, but I saw someone play through several bar scenes. The characters, especially Vincent's friends, seemed really realistic, conversing in the same natural way that say, the Persona 4 characters talked.