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What is with the prudence brigade that has dominated the conversation lately. It is especially bizarre coming from the site that almost gave Saints Row the Third game of the year. Sex and violence sell and get people pumped up and excited. This is not new and it is not unique the games industry. From car shows, to movies, to soap commercials, attractive men and woman draw attention and get people to check out your product. There is a larger conversation about misogyny in our culture, but when it comes to selling with sex you will find prominent feminists on both sides of the debate.

But to the general point i think it is strange and a tad bit fascist to want there to be some sort of top down ban on booth babes. In my opinion it should be up to the developer/publisher and the product they are trying to sell. It would not make sense to advertise for Schindler's list with women in bikinis. Likewise, for games that are trying to be mature and tasteful like Beyond or Journey etc. it does not make sense to have booth babes (and they probably don't have them). On the other hand, games like Saints Row the Third, DMC, and God of War trade in sex and violence, and so of course they should try to sell with booth babes. My point is that it should be up to the developer/publisher and any critique should be leveled at the developer/publisher (not the ESA). For example, I agree that Nintendo chaining women to 3DSs is strange, awkward, and offensive given the product they are selling, but that is on Nintendo.

There is, of course, a line that can be crossed. Unfortunately it is not one that is easily articulated. The best the Supreme Court could do is say, "You know it when you see it." I agree that games should be pushing into more mature and tasteful territory, and I tend to prefer games that do. But there are many gamers (including myself when the mood strikes me) that like dumb adolescent vulgar and violent entertainment also. There is nothing wrong with that and it exists in all mediums from music to movies to books. Some developers are trying to make something adolescent, and using sex to sell the product makes sense to me. They should not pretend to be something they are not.

Finally, modeling is a legitimate profession and many of the women who model actually like their job. I know this anecdotally since my wife use to be a model (she is a lawyer now). She and many of her peers really enjoyed what they did including the crappier work like trade shows.

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Wait a minute..... The Ricker was out sick last week. Ryan was out sick last week. Both of their names start with R. Both of them have banged Ashley Judd and are friends w/ Don Johnson.
It couldn't be........... or could it?

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sounds cool... although I am skeptical about any kinect shooter. 

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I do not know how to take a screen shot, but ND X-press is at #8 overall podcast.... suck it Ricky Gervais and Terry Gross. Adam Carolla, your next.

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The ND Xpress rolled over Car Talk to # 2 on the itunes games/hobbies podcast charts. "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" you better watch your back.... cause the train is coming for you next. 
Humble Suggestion: Crank up the Dsi and Wii store Music.

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I re ranked the the top 20 based on the ratio suggested by remixrunixip. Its significance is based on the probably flawed assumption that if you did not rank a game in your top ten, then you did not play it. That said, it is still likely that this list better captures the strength of the game based on those who played it (instead of overweighting a game just because it was played by a lot of people).  
The big positive movers are Super Mario Galaxy 2, Rockband 3, and Super Street Fighter IV. 
Conclusion: More people should play Super Mario Galaxy 2, Rockband 3, and Super Street Fighter IV.

1. Mass Effect: 8.83 =

2. Read Dead Redemption: 7.86 =

3. Assasin’s Creed: Brotherhood: 6.83 =

4. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty: 6.74 =

5. Battle field: Bad Company 2: 6.13 +2

6. Super Mario Galaxy 3: 6.02 +8

7. Bayonetta: 5.91 +4

8. Super Meat Boy: 5.84 -3

9. Fallout: New Vegas: 5.81 =

10. Rock Band 3: 5.67 +8

11. Super Street Fighter IV: 5.65 +8

12. Halo: Reach 5.62 -6

13. Civ V: 5.51 -3

14. Heavy Rain: 4.48 -6

15. Alan Wake: 5.28 -3

16. God of War 3: 5.14 =

17. Limbo: 5.01 -4

18. Pac Man CE DX: 4.90 -1

19. COD: BLOPS: 4.77 -4

20. Darksiders: 4.59 =

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Glad to see Super Meat Boy get the love it deserves. Also, glad Super Mario Galaxy 2 crushed Kirby on the Wii front. Kirby was cute and had some charm, but Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the one of the greatest games ever made. 

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I have been working on creating my top 50 games of all time. This game easily made my top ten, I cannot stop playing it.... I've beaten the light world and most of the dark world... but holly shit bandage girl's world is insane.
1.Final Fantasy VI (3) 
2. Shadow of the Colossus 
3. Ninja Gaiden (nes) 
4. Super Mario Galaxy 2 
5. Super Mario World 
6. Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link 
8. Super Meat Boy 
9. Final Fantasy VII 
10. Zelda: A Link to the Past