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Still can't believe it... Loved the guy... Been watching this dude for years. RIP sir.

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They own The Legend of Dragoon, no? I wouldn't mind seeing a Dragoon up in there. They should keep the audio from the original game and make them say the name of their attacks. :p

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I have Fios now so NEVER! O_O

Back when I had cable (two years ago) it was almost daily that it would go out during use and I had to wait for it to kick back in. When I had dial up it was every 20 minutes thanks to my parents always picking up the phone, so what if they paid the bills I was on teh webz... :'(

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@KingOfIceland: That's what I was thinking.

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If gamers hate something there's a shit ton of channels on the web for them to find like minded people and let it be know vs almost everything else. I have a feeling that someone saw this and spread it around on gaming related sites, if that's the case then of course EA would win.

I'm not the biggest fan of EA myself but I've asked some people why they hate EA and got the answer "because fuck them" multiple times. They're getting to the point that people just hate them now without knowing the history of their bullshit. I can see certain game company's trying to re brand themselves in the future if people start actually boycotting products on top of showing their displeasure, it's getting that bad.

Box Juices know all your secrets, they're always watching....

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When I first moved to my current area gun shots were a every other day thing, once it was on my actual block and the other times they had the decency to murder on my surrounding blocks. Now the only time I here gun shots is on new years so that's awesome. Even though I like the area now, I still can't wait to move and get a lawn so i can tell people to get off it. :p

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Never thought this would happen but I'm sorry to say I'm done with you people, not. :p I love you dudes so I'll follow where ever, I hope this works out for yall.

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I sorta thought all PSP games and PSOne classics would be compatible out of the gate.... D'oh!

Is Sony working on adding support for these games or do the game devs have to do the work?

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Thanks to the podcast he frequents, I can only read his last name as toll house...... Good work on this topic Patrick, there's some simple tips in there everyone should follow.

@mrsmiley: They do note when people fail to verify themselves and reps are more informed about giving up info now so that shouldn't happen anymore. Even if you give up some wrong info they should just move onto something else to verify you instead of letting you know what info is wrong so a crook wouldn't know what to correct.

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@Beb said:

@Doctorchimp said:

What do you mean social engineering is hard to protect yourself from? Doesn't Xbox make it abundantly clear that they would never ask for your password? I still haven't really heard exactly how this stuff happens. And I know its hard because people forget and they're really sensitive about turning over their info and admitting a mistake on their part.

He means social engineering like:

Hacker calls X Box and tricks minimum wage CSR in to thinking they are you, and resetting your password.

They start at $9.50 silly and trust me when I say Microsoft is making an effort to improve customer support. Of course during a transition to new people it's going to be a bit rough as they adjust, but once things settle down I think calling in will be more pleasant instead a hassle.