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The idea that bioware had to come out to defend their story sucks. This thread sucks. Gaming focused internet as a whole has really sucked lately. Stop sucking.

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I'm not going to defend anything Aris said. I would never treat anyone, male or female in that way. The only time I have seen the FGC covered on giantbomb is an article in July mentioning EVO and MLG finals, that was in July.

I wrote a message to Patrick and Alex about cross assault, asking if they would be writing something on the site about members of a community (specifically Team Spooky and IPW, who have run free streams for the FGC for years) having a chance to work with a developer on something unique. Or an article talking about how cool it is that 10 people who love capcom fighters have a chance to win 25,000$ from the developer! Instead they didn't cover it, until this controversial story.

Where are the giantbomb articles praising the good things in the community like Justin Wong winning the first two majors on the road to evo season this year in both SSF4 and MVC3? I can see feel good doublefine storys about yay the community came together for doublefine, but not yay capcom is reaching out to their community? It is inconsistent.

We all have our opinions, I can respect yours and I understand where you are coming from. As someone that was hoping giantbomb could cover the competitive scene in more detail for the past few years with, Jeff understanding fighters more than the average reviewer. It upsets me that I see nothing about it for months until something like this happens, because 99% of the FGC are amazing people.

Giantbomb should either cover competitive gaming, or leave it alone altogether, and I can see my Evo story once a year here.

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Instead of writing a story before the event that could have drawn even more support before the whole thing started giantbomb has decided to focus on one negative aspect of the whole thing. Writing a story like this to intentionally create controversy without following the full event is dirty and I expect more from giantbomb. If you want to cover esports don't dip a toe in where you choose and think you can report on the scene. You've lost a reader giantbomb.

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I can't wait to watch people play this.

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I feel like the train had so much steam last week that it just can't get any better. The conductor should just pull this train into the station for good. It just isn't the sam.....gassioushdbsej CHOOOOOOOOOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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I'm neutral about Activision! 

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@InfamousBIG said:
" YOU. 
I stopped here, good read.
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Or, if you want some street fighter 4....
Probably the best stream of the year. Top players from Japan, and Taiwan in southern california.

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