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If the MP has achievements I won't get this game.
MP achievements are from the devil.
And definitely will not get this lame ass DLC in any case.

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Well happy fucking birthday to me :(

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I'm so happy that Steam bundle is €70 so I can't get it on a whim, especially since I have Fallout 3 and Call Of Cthulhu for the Xbox already.

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Let the rapeage continue.
If only they could stop calling it Bioshock, I'd love me some steampunk (maybe something along the lines of Whitechapel Gods *wink* *wink*).

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$150. Damn, I can get a RC chopper from the local gadget store for $30, I wonder how much it would cost to mod it with a camera and mic, most likely not that much.

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If I had room for extra crap I don't think I would waste it for a Jack-in-the-Box, no matter how cool they look.

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Hmm, I think they need to make it more open ended.
I'm also not sure if this is worth the price of a full box, no matter how much fun the co-op is. There just wasn't enough to play, I wanna blow up zombies all day, not just an afternoon.

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Assassin't Creed 2: The DaVinci Code
Can't wait really, the first one was one of my favorites after all.

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