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So, I have some questions for those of you who have hit 80 and run Fractals/Dungeons.

What kind of class distribution are you seeing? I have a 42 Warrior, and am strongly considering making a Guardian to possibly main instead. I'm just curious as to what's more useful to dungeons at end-game, if that makes any sense. Any classes that are basically a "Don't bring that to this dungeon"?

I've heard that warriors can solo some dungeons (you can find videos on youtube). They're pretty great in PvE from what I'm reading on the official forums. It's sPvP where they are lacking.

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I would like a better combat system, it's the game's weakest aspect I think.

Add an aiming reticle and get rid of auto-target. Problem solved. :P

I initially thought that'd be an easy improvement, too, but it's basically what the various 3rd-party combat mods do and those feel like crap to play.

It's because the game is designed around target lock. They'd need to tweak the combat system for it to work.

The combat in Elder Scrolls Online has really peaked my interest as it seems to pull this of quite well (although we've only seen limited footage).

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This post is awesome. The grim tidings in various forums around the internet can all but convince a person that the game is so flawed as to be barely functional, but when you finally lay hands on it again 99% of your time will be spent enjoying yourself with the amazing variety of content packed in there (of course, it doesn't hurt when you're able to play it with someone close).

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Now I just have to get her to 80 so we can PvP like crazy!

Do you mean WvW? Because I've been looking for people to try sPvP tournaments with, and scaling means y'all can just jump into that.

Message me any time you're down for some tPvP!

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I haven't played any other MMOs (aside from GW1), nor have I really delved into the PvE in this game, but from the sounds of it, it seems that Anet is releasing regular content updates for this game. People were skeptical that a B2P MMO could sustain itself, but I think GW2 has proven that it can.

For people that have played P2P games like WoW and Rift, how have the content updates been compared to those games?

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@Morningstar said:

I would like a better combat system, it's the game's weakest aspect I think.

Add an aiming reticle and get rid of auto-target. Problem solved. :P

Can't wait to see more footage of Elder Scrolls Online. From the brief footage they've made available, it looks like they absolutely nailed the combat system.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the PvP overhaul. It's way too barebones right now.

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Just some kids having fun in WvW doing a 4 vs. 30. Love the 300 strategy they used. Clearly elementalist is overpowered! 

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After 500 million hours of glory farming I finally hit rank 20 in PvP to get this sexy suit of armour:

That + valley weapons is the pinnacle of Tyrian fashion IMO.

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@SuperWristBands said:

What would be the point of raising the level cap? Wouldn't that just give more trait points? Or do they intend to make higher level armour and weapons. If they did that, wouldn't that be kind of a lot worse than ascended stuff?

Why not just add more weapon types for classes instead of increasing levels, that'd be infinitely more interesting and would last much longer than increasing the level cap. I don't know, I honestly can't understand what increasing the level cap does for this game.

Some traits that have been broken since BWE1 are still broken. They should fix those before they think about adding any new ones. :P I'd prefer if they didn't add any new traits to sPvP as it will just throw off balance even more (it's already pretty shaky). I think they'll need to consider splitting the two modes at some point like they did in GW1 because they require different types of balancing.

It would be awesome to have an mmo with no levels. Where you basically just set up your character like in PvP and then you're off to the races tackling challenging content from start to finish. Forget slowly easing you into the game.

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Interesting decision. I can't say I'm surprised. There was no way people would keep playing without the introduction of some kind of gear grind. I can see this as impacting WvW balance though, but then that was never intended to be a balanced game mode.

As for raising the level cap, they mentioned it sometime this summer (before the game launched). I don't have the article.

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@Subjugation said:

I'd totally be down for sPvP, but my availability will remain weekends only until I'm out of university for the summer.

I don't think I've logged more than 5 hours over the past month because of school. I'll be able to commit to a schedule from mid-December to mid-January as I'm on winter break (one whole month!) and probably into February as well (things usually don't heat up until the second month of the semester).

A note to anyone that might be holding back; The PvP learning curve in this game is not very steep at all. If you've mastered your keybinds and timing in PvE, you'll be more than fine in PvP. The map mechanics are not very hard to learn either.

: I can do hosting from mid-December (just nothing right now as I'm swamped).