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Maybe spending most of the years I should be focusing on school and maybe also ladies and social things or something healthy focusing on wow instead, from vanilla to tbc, wasnt the best thing for my social life hey you tell me.

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You're right, there hasn't been a TNT in a while, almost like some kind of wrench-like-object got thrown in some wheels or something.

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Bound 2 crew reppin. Guilt Trip/Blood on the Leaves after that.

But yes, the first seconds of On Sight are pretty perfect.

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@internetdetective said:

Next doofus to point out the "amazon" typo gets punched in the taint.

does this mean It's still cool to point out the "Foza" error in the second last question? Not that I care but since we're all nitpicking I find it fascinating how everyone of you picked up on a typo I just glanced by and apparently my highly advanced brain found a better, more rare spelling error.

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ps4 slim = no optical drive = happy customers + drm issue solved.

thanks PR I'm here all week

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I mean if you say "hell of" then why are you even saying it? This is the real mystery. We all know it sounds fucking stupid but that's part of the charm.

Hell of odorous cannabis sativa you have in your possession my friend of darker skin than I.

e: If you are going to say that you read through the giant bomb forums and it was a hell of weird threads then its okay. These are different words they are just made up of the same letters.

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I don't have any friends so of course not. This social media mumbo jumbo real names on the internet deal is some fad just like that internet thing that blew over some years ago.

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Hey guys it's a pretty cool game though.