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I'm up for it if people are still playing!

GT: Mister Hulio

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Not a huge stack yet, but the magazines I do have I haven't thrown away, this is the case for any magazine i buy. not really sure why

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Recently I have been trying to see whether I could play CO-OP portal 2 with my sister (she's 11) (I'm 16). Due to the reasons of boredom and exams I have had no other people to try and play this game on split screen with. It was during the 20 minute period of trying to get her out of the hub into the world 1 room that it dawned on me that whenever I have played with people who aren't 'gamers' I have seen that they have had a certain lacking in their ability to understand and get their 'head around' the basic movement controls that a simple first person game require. I am not saying that I don't understand their lack of ability, nor am i saying that it is just young children who don't have this ability as I have experienced many of my friends who have a similarly lacking ability in FPS games such as ones from the Call of Duty franchise. 
However, more to the point, I don't remember ever having had the same problems understanding these configurations when I was growing up, this may be because I started on simpler side scrolling games and I understood the button layout and did not have to look back and forth on the controller in order to understand what to do.  
On this subject of the ability to 'pick up and play' and FPS I was interested in other people's experiences and thoughts and reasons for these varying abilities.

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I wouldnt say it was funny, rather very appropriate. saw a level 50 medic on BFBC2 who was called 'the stretcher'

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Tarzan for the playstation 1 along with lego racers were the first games i played. Didnt know or own a memory card so never got very far into the games, the damn rope bridge level in tarzan still haunts me.

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I think i saw this a few weeks ago on 'the best of youtube' podcast. Its a nice video, surprisingly more surprising than i thought it would be.

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I watched the 1UP show before they all left, rarely checked their website however, and I still check IGN  now and again to see their points of view on the new releases and news

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@Spekingur: thats not what im saying, but he has to consider that over 1 million people already own the game, so if he treats it as a beta, which i know he doesnt, then he should be putting more effort into realising the fact that the whole minecraft fan base are telling him the bugs he can fix for the game to be better upon release
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The problem is that notch is a horrible patcher and only puts out updates. my survival multiplayer server which has 200+ members has had to fix numerous problems that he has fixed, for example the horrible block lag that most servers experienced before beta, as well as a multitude of bed glitches and very bad lag