My house was broken into whilst i was at work today. 

360, PS3, 40 games, 18 blu-rays,  Mac Pro, Dr Dre Beats, iPod Touch+Dock, vacation money box, fathers signet ring, 6 bottles of The Glenlivet single malt whisky.........all gone.
Completely gutted.

The weather in the UK has turned warm,  tea leaves can fit through insanely small windows so keep them shut when your not in-house!


Too many games not enough time! 
Finish a 9 hour working day get home, make a meal, have a wash, 1 hour remains before i need to get my head down, do i watch an episode of whatever series takes my interest or boot one of the multiple consoles i own? I watch an episode, why.....If i had 3 hours then gaming would no doubt prove more 'rewarding' than 3 hours of TV, an hour is rarely enough time to get into the 'swing' of a game let alone start enjoying it, yes the return of readily availiable arcade titles is appealing but TV is instant...I must find a solution!!!