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@poppy_persona: $39.66 including delivery to the UK. Just placed my order. Worth every cent or penny depending on which way you look at it....

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I may only every wear it inside out but it'll be worn all the same!

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Stacking. Loved the premise, brilliantly charming, didn't hook me.

Bioshock. Beautifully realised world, interesting plot, i just couldn't stick with it.

Oblivion. Nearly got me but not quite.

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UK got slapped with an 'eye-blaster'. To the best of my knowledge i couldn't purchase the advertised product even if i did like yellow!

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I was in the process of naming mine, i had started to delete the default name 'Dog' and accidentally hit start.

My Mabari War Hound is called 'Do'

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I like it.

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@Contro: Born and bred in Putney, London. Moved up here 11 years ago to attend Leeds University, joined a band, stayed..
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The police have been brilliant, they responded within an hour of my call and the crime scene investigation team have just left. Good news is they have found fingerprints at the 'entrance point' it appears the thief (tea leaf) was either a girl or a lad wearing UK size 4 Adidas shoes, they took a soft suitcase from inside the house, passed it through the window, then went in and out apparently carrying individual items and packed the case out of sight in the walled garden, in total the police estimate they were in the house for 35 mins and looked through every draw and cupboard...they stole my penny jar which must have had £1 at most and a packet of biscuits from the kitchen cupboard!

The ironic thing about all this is i am due to move out next week, i have lived in the area for 6 years and yet never experienced any trouble of this nature.
I work hard 5 days a week, i earn to afford what i deserve, the uninvited guest who visited my home today deserves none of what he left with.
Angry but hopeful that the prints will lead to a conviction even if the stuff is a right off. 
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My house was broken into whilst i was at work today. 

360, PS3, 40 games, 18 blu-rays,  Mac Pro, Dr Dre Beats, iPod Touch+Dock, vacation money box, fathers signet ring, 6 bottles of The Glenlivet single malt whisky.........all gone.
Completely gutted.

The weather in the UK has turned warm,  tea leaves can fit through insanely small windows so keep them shut when your not in-house!
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