What I've Been Playing: 9/04/2013

Long time no see Duders! Hoping to get back into blogging so...we'll see how this goes...

Quickly my fine, feathered, friend!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn shouldn't really be on my What I’ve Been Playing post, but more what have I been mashing 0 to or having the luck of picking the worst times to attempt to log in with. What lil bits I have gotten to play though have been alright so far. The long and short of it is it’s an MMO. You get quests. You kill X things, gain Y drops from them, turn it in and rinse and repeat. Square is making no efforts to drastically change the MMO scene, unlike some companies, but instead seemed to focus on just making it run smoother and seem more playable. Every creature that drops items automatically puts it into your inventory, there’s very little inventory management that has to be done (unless you just wanna sell stuff but you don’t really need to), specific mobs you need to kill are marked with icons, and due to a Hunter Log system you’re even gaining quest level, or better, experience points from monsters not related to the quest you’re currently one. Allowing “trash mobs” to actually be worth your time.

I sadly can’t comment on much else due to being only level 15, to which the game supposedly starts opening up and has you traveling the world and soon entering actual dungeons. So hopefully I’ll comment on it more when I finally get to raid a dungeon or two!

While I haven’t had as much time to explore the world of Hydaelyn as I’d like, it’s given me more time to plow through the craziness that is Saints Row IV. Much as 3 did before it, it just gets crazier and crazier as you dive deeper into it. I don’t seem to be suffering from as much of a “Oh God, another driving mission” as much as the last game, mainly due to skipping straight to the story missions. Sadly, it suffers from the same problem in that I can’t really say too much without revealing or spoiling things for other people. I suppose it’s safe to say, as a man who grew up playing Genesis and SNES, I absolutely loved the process of bring Gat back into the fold and the use of music is just perfect in several of the missions (Why yes, there is a VERY good reason “The Boys are Back” is included in a mostly hip-hop/dubstep soundtrack!).

Lastly, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, is slowly starting to come on the tail end of it’s craze with me, I believe. I’m now at the point where I only log in to make payments on my house to keep it expanding, and waiting until all that is done before actually spending time to plan out an actual house design. I might have to hit the turnip market one more time, but after that, unless I can find an effective way to plan out designs for my town, I believe mayor Vaancor can enjoy a nice, quiet, retirement in the biggest house to ever hit Wubsville.

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