What I've Been Playing - 7/20/2012

Hopefully this will be a weekly post that'll talk about, well...what I've been playing! I'm mainly doing this to get my blog writing habit going again (Stop me if you've heard this before) plus give me a place to rant and vent without pestering my friends. Fair warning though, I tend to stick to a handful of games until completion or 100%ing the achievements.

Guild Wars

Yes, the game that came out in 2005 from a team started by a few guys who left Blizzard, is still getting a lot of action these days. While not as active and lively as WoW, quite a few communities are still playing it strong. Perhaps the biggest reason though is everyone's trying to get the last few points for their Hall of Monuments. These set of achievements, or HoM for short, is one of the ways Arenanet is linking Guild Wars to it's upcoming sequel and rewards players with unique weapons, skins, pets, and titles. Some of them looking pretty bad ass while most are just throwbacks to the original GW1 days. I've been following a handful of guides on reddit to go after my goal of 30/50, since anything after that is just a title. I'm just about to finish the Nightfall expansion. Leaving me to get a few quests in Prophecies (The core game), pets, then grinding out money for a few epic items to go.

Fun fact: Anyone who gets 50/50 is either a hardcore veteran whose been playing strong since day one or crazy, perhaps a bit of both. Arenanet even agrees by rewarding you with this little image should you get all 50 accomplishments.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

More specifically, the Vietnam expansion pack. Yes, yes, I know Battlefield 3 is out, and honestly I prefer it, but I've got some achievements left to earn and with it being an EA game I'd like to knock them out as soon as possible. Now I'm going after Ecstasy of Gold which requires getting 100 kills with each of the main guns in each kit. That's over 1,600 kills.

It's actually not that difficult, mainly due to me actually enjoying playing Battlefield. The only annoyance is finding a decent amount of people to play. It's not so much quality of players being the issue, I'll just have some days where every match I'm in is a full 8 on 8 and some where we barely have a 1 on 1 match. Days like that I usually just quit and play some pinball.

Pokémon Black/White

Yeah I dunno if it's due to all the DS talk or because a sequels coming out, but I'm trying to get my first clear through on Pokemon Black. Honestly? The most difficult aspect of this game is I know it too well. Just the fact I know how to make a balanced team and use moves properly, never mind that uncontrollable itch to start EV training everything that looks half way cool, leads to me spending days leaving the DS running and looking up stats or trying to level out my team instead of actually making progress in the story. Which, while I'll admit it's gotten a lot better this time around, is still very easy to just plow through, especially if you have stronger monsters then you should, which due to the Nintendo Events I have quite a few of.

Could stomp everything with this guy.
Could stomp everything with this guy.