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Got one myself, Vaancor

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Downloading this bad boy on day one. Hope anyone who adds me likes Swapnote;

Name: Vaancor

Code: 2036-6396-4785

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He was clearly joking, though I'd pay good money to watch him lock himself in a room and try playing through it. Could be a whole new Breaking Brad's Soul series. Sort of like that first Spook'n with Scoops episode?

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First click I made on the new site. White's a lil too eyeball melting for me.

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  1. Pokemon Black
  2. Swapnote (Finally added some friends and frequently send silly pics on a regular basis)
  3. Resident Evil: Revelations (Got my copy in one day before the rumors of HD re-release :( )
  4. Super Mario 3D Land
Besides Street Fighter IV and Pushmo they get boring after that, settings and what not.
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Got real lucky and got one of the last 3 copies at a local walmart. I don't know if that meant they only got 3 copies or if the Nintendo fans I know are lurking around here swapped'em all up.

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Nickename: Vaancor

Friend Code: 2036-6396-4785

Shoot me a message if you add me so I can do the same. Also, love toying around with Swapnote.

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Great news about Wind Waker, not enough to sale me the console, but great idea. Whole thing screams "Sales are bad and we need a Zelda game NOW!" though.

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Just finished the demo and gotta admit, it's very nice. The 3D in it is great, it looks like I'm looking into a box that a bunch of people are playing Warhammer or some other table top game in. Never been into the Fire Emblem franchise but I might give this a try, depending on how busy I am around release.

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I have quite a few nerdy shirts, however due to most people not "getting it" (Such as everyone calling me "Mike" While I wear my Oscar Mike T-shirt) I tend to keep'em for the house.

The best stuff though is anything that doesn't seem like a walking advertisement. Example;

I've gotten about 4 compliments from those that "get it", while everyone else thinks it's a nice looking hoodie or that I'm a race fan.