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#1 Posted by vacancy (64 posts) -

Wow. Also, stop threathening people!

The internet is the new "face to face" and it is so hurtful - all of this hatered. I hope everyone that is being hateful on the internet learns something from this. That hurting other people is bad, and that it reflects badly on you.

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@psychpunk said:

Patrick's tweet is really the bottom line for the male side.

Sides.... That's just great. :(

Anyhow, nice work Patrick! :)

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Microsoft need to think long and hard about what kind of world we are living in in whenever a new console comes out.

I do though understand that they can't treat people/publishers differently in these cases due to "if he gets a candy, I want a candy"-mentality.

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I beleave Microsofts costs are due to they feeling that the xbox is a video game console and as such it should ship completed games. Patches I think are to them a failure from the publisher and the high cost of a patch is a kind of find. We might not live in a world any more where games are completed before release like they were on early consoles and perhaps Microsoft should change this. But as a gamer AND a developer I really would want games to be done and working prior to release.

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The question is really - "what ARE they making?".

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Something in that picture reminds me of Ashton Kutcher. Bio-pic? Seriously though, he did in fact change the world in just a few years. My 2 year old daughter laid her first puzzle on an iPad, not IRL.

#7 Posted by vacancy (64 posts) -

BF3 DLC first - FPS friendly controller last. Move that left analog NOW!

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I hope for a user video feature due to me having some great footage of the Giant Bomb Crew dancing at the Dance Central 2 booth at E3.

Can't understand why Drew did not film it from the angle I was filming it from, guess he wanted people like me to get to see the spectacle.

Hope the feature will come, I will then get it on the site.

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New studio. New tech? New tools? New offices. I would not be suprised if 2015 is accurate. New console then? That takes time to.

#10 Edited by vacancy (64 posts) -

The controller is a screen that the box streams the image to. It is the same thing as rendering two screens (you know the thing with split screen being bad for framerate because it is rendered twice). Rendering more screens will be too hard for them. I had a look at it and I think the screen looks amazing and it's a very interesting console. If you could play online everybody playing will have one of those controllers. I think it's gonna be great, perhaps couch multiplayer should not be featured that much at E3.

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