First Bloggy!

Nearly ending the first week of the official launcher of Giantbomb and i have to say its TOTALLY AWSOME!!!!!! there's like a huge gaming community out there already and its just going to get bigger and bigger! The stuff you are aloud to do is just brilliant here and i definately will be writing up more reviews as i see them, especially the old games that actually have nothing writen about them at all!! so im really looking forward to the future of what giantbomb has to offer as a whole.

I haven't really experienced anything "bad" yet and thats amazing, because when you go to a website theres usually ALWAYS something you'll see or find on that particular website that makes  you kind of think "thats awfull" or "i dont like seeing that there" or worse in some cases and i can safely say thats not the case here. Its clear, easy to see, easy to navigate about the things we all love, VIDEO GAMES!!! and to top it off we can edit so much of the content here. It really is something very new, and very refreshing to see in a video game website, that's actually bringing all the gamer together and talking about our pashions. I've mainly just stayed in the PC forums and the General forums right now, but theres going to be a whole lot more soon as people start getting really into the swing of things heh...

im excited as a whole for the website, the direction they took and where its going and i simply cannot wait untill theres just hosts and hosts of information about the games we all love and secrets that you may not have spotted before but someone else descided to post for ya.
I Think the guys who designed this, and our man guys Jeff, Ryan, Vin and Brad, are absolute Genious's!