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I'd like to be key'd. Game looks dope.

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Boo no KOF.


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Ghost in the Shell: SAC 1&2

12 Kingdoms

Crest of the Stars +sequels


Spice and Wolf


Legend of Galactic Heroes



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I don't find it to be very standard to have 9 different standard time zones either.

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From what I've seen the competitive players never even interact with casual players because of the enormous skill difference. I would think the toxic players are casual people who want to turn off items because they are losing. I don't play Smash though so maybe they're all terrible people.

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PvP in Dark Souls was laggy. I think I'll roll offline and play through the single player with a fun build and not worry about connection issues and stuff.

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@avantegardener said:

Oh my. Ok, I'm going to lay some Zen shit down on you, which I have found to 100% true in my own experience. Ready..ok.. Stop looking for one, yep that's it, seriously. The moment your comfortable on your own and in your own skin, and adjusted to fact that you know what, I'm happy to be myself. BAM you'll meet someone, because there is no expectation. But it only works if you believe that your are content in yourself. I have met my current girlfriend (experiencing the same phenomenon by the way) this way, and I think every girl I have ever gone out with.

And if it doesn't work, at least you'll be happy to be alone FOREVER AND EVER. Win-win as they say.

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Back here in the grand Nothern Europe our scene is so small that we'll gladly teach people how to play from the ground up. It is all part of the master plan of having them donate to the (nonexistent) pots in tournaments, of course.

Probably not as crazy as the FGC of the US but people make noise in tournaments and there's some smacktalk. It's like one big family where everyone knows each other.

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Even if it was too low, I probably wouldn't bother. They'll even out eventually.