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#1 Posted by vaderbreath (46 posts) -

Yeah I already got mine at Gamestop and while I was there I got MGS4 since its my first ps3. 

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I understand at the Sony Press Conference they announced it  would release on September 1st, but on Gamestop's website it said it ships August 25th.  Anybody know when its release date really is?

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Already pre-ordered one and I'm going to pick up MGS4 once I go and get it.  Its a bummer that it only has composite cables.  There goes another $20-$50 from my wallet to get HDMI cables.

#4 Posted by vaderbreath (46 posts) -

As long as they would have the same prices at other retailers sure. Anything to keep away from Gamestop.

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Unfortunately, Babble is right 360 can't read the iPod Touch. I have 1st generation and that doesn't work either.

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 Fallout 3 
Crash Bandicoot 2 
Burnout Paradise
For some reason Star Wars Battlefront is one of my favorites too

#7 Posted by vaderbreath (46 posts) -

Fable II, just trying to catch up at the moment.

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Looks like I might be getting a PS3 slim soon IF this is real.  But this seems very fake and shady.

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Thank goodness, vehicles could of messed up the balance of the game sort of like in WaW.

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Definitely Brutal Legend, and also Tim Schafer is the man.

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