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Spider-Man 3: Decent but upsetting 0

Following the great Spider-man 2 game Spider-man 3 had me really excited until I actually started to play it.  Although flying around NYC still is the strongest part of the game, the character animations in the cutscenes are laughable.   The gameplay while swinging feels fluid and easy, but when it comes to combat it seems to falter.  The combat becomes very confusing and frustrating on certain characters.  Camera-wise Spider-man 3 is atrocious, getting stuck in awkward places, just making thing...

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Skate 1.75 0

Skate 1 radically reinvented the skateboarding genre in video games, causing Skate 2 to have a lot of high hopes and in some places it succeeds but in others it falters.     Although I have only played a little bit of Skate and probably 5 hours worth of the first demo, Skate 2 doesn't really feel like a full-pledged sequel more like an expansion but a very good one at that.  It adds a ton of new tricks, such as fingerflips, handplants, and footplants, skitching, and the ability to move objects ...

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Gears of War 2 Review 0

As a sequel to Gears of War, which already contained amazing graphics, great gameplay, and excellent multiplayer, Gears of War 2 successfully adds on to the first game in more ways than one.   Starting the game most will notice the same controls as the first one but they still hold up in this version and seem to be slightly improved.  The cover system is still the best I have ever used in a video game and provides a great alternative to the third-person shooter.  The graphics also look a lot sha...

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