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Wow, kinda stunned over here. Our loss is heaven's gain.

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Still trying to figure out how Valve investing in a piece of equipment based on something that costs $1,000 means that the new equipment will also cost $1,000. Guess what, everyone - the computer you are reading this on is based on binary code - anyone else find it a huge hassle translating all those ones and zeroes on your screen into what they actually mean? Ooh, ooh, I ordered a miniature Statue of Liberty, but I had to return it because it was too light. It's based off a 225 ton statue so it should weigh 225 tons as well, right?

Wait until Valve comes out with whatever their specs (and cost!) are for the new box. Then you can deride it just as you are now if you so choose, but for potentially legitimate reasons.

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@Zereta said:

I really want to try it but in my circle of friends, I'm the only one who really likes stuff like this.

Yea, its tough being me.

They'll like it too. It's a bunch of fun even if you aren't a big nerd. The issue is more do they have apple stuff to play it on.

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I am also late to the party but would like in if you still play.

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@MB: Fair enough. I respect your privacy and your ability to judge things like that. And I didn't mean to come down on you or anything for that comment; I just wanted to point out that exec pay for charity in a vacuum is a poor indicator of efficiency. I hope that whatever charity you DO choose to give to is efficient, compassionate, and good.

Also, uh, thanks for the quest. Didn't even realize you were a mod until the thingy popped up. Yay, I suppose.

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@MB said:

It's too bad that the Humble Bundle doesn't allow supporters to choose that all of their money goes to Child's Play.

The Red Cross is really one of the worst organizations you can give money to...look into it before giving them anything, even directly. I don't know about you, but I don't think a charity whose CEO makes a million dollars a year really needs my help that badly.

I don't disagree that you should investigate any charity you are thinking of supporting - money isn't cheap, after all! - but I would point out that executive salary on it's own is actually a very poor measurement of how well a charity group handles money. If they take in $2 million in contributions then a $1 million executive salary would be horrible, I agree, but the Red Cross actually has a 92% efficiency rating (according to, which is pretty decent for a charity. I agree that the numbers look disproportionate, but the larger charities deal with billions of dollars a year in largely the same way a private enterprise would, and it would be very difficult to attract qualified candidates for the top without offering that level of compensation.

Again, I'm not saying the Red Cross or any other charity is good or bad to donate to - just that you shouldn't dismiss (or select) a charity based solely or even mostly on executive pay.

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Holding comment for thirty seconds to give questers a shot...

Okay done.

I think we all should keep an open mind about this sort of thing. Another comment from the previous thread said, live as well as you can and try not to be a jerk. That's true, but I like to use these things as ways of examining myself - am I unknowingly being sexist or racist or whateverist in my own encounters and interactions? You don't have to step on eggshells or triple think everything you say lest you offend somebody, but making an effort to understand how you act affects others is never wasted.

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The most impressive thing about it is how they fit so much stuff on an SNES cartridge. That cart was STUFFED, which explains what I find most interesting; namely that in addition to being full of data, the game is filled to the brim with incredibly odd errors.

No, seriously, to the brim. Everyone knows about stuff like the vanish-doom bug, which allows you to bypass enemy's resistance to instant death and kill pretty much anything in two actions, or the sketch bug, which has the game load data from junk data if Sketch is selected while Mute is in the lead character's 28th spell slot. But did you know that the evade stat is useless (the game uses magic evade for both evasion types)? Or that you can end up with live character at zero hp who is invincible unless healed? Or how about THIS(link contains spoilers), probably the most awesome glitch exploitation you will ever see?

It's a great game when played legitimately. It's EVEN BETTER when you take it apart and see how it's held together with twine and prayers.