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RIP Oculus :(

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great article!

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I wish this article was a joke...

Rest in peace Ryan.

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Brad Muir can have any amount of my money he ever wants ever

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I'm able to see all the other reviews, but for some reason Guacamelee! hits a 500 error. (This is on latest Firefox)

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I didn't like half life 2.

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@Atlas said:

@Aegon said:

i'm kind of out of the loop as well, but a lot of the stuff I hear on the radio and recent stuff on youtube sounds like garbage. Just fucking noise.

Can someone recommend me something that obviously sounds good and has lots of energy/emotion, is technically impressive, melodically interesting, has a singer with a powerful voice that can do a lot of crazy stuff, and perhaps has a healthy dosage of funk/groove/soul. It doesn't have to include all of that, but I shall emphasize the part about the strong vocals.

Please recommend stuff!!!

Based on your list, I could not recommend Violent Waves by Circa Survive enough. They're an experimental rock sort of semi-hardcore punk band from Philadelphia. These dudes are incredible musicians, and their singer has a very unique and very powerful voice - he sings high-pitched, might take a little getting used to.

Also although they went on hiatus last year, Thrice is essential listening if you technically proficient and soulful music. Vheissu is their best album IMO, but Beggars might be a better introduction to them. Their most recent album, Major/Minor, is basically them reinventing grunge in 2011; it's very good, but might not be for everybody.

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if your into jazz christian scott put out a pretty rad record this year.

I love jazz but don't have many modern records in my collection. What's his style?

I agree with everything this man says.

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@Sign: Are you allowing yourself to use firebombs? I've been doing a less restricted run but that's how I beat the capra demon. Ran up the stairs and killed the dogs, then kept my distance and chucked firebombs until he died.

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Woah I had no idea there was a second ending in the Warbler's Nest! Guess it was a bad idea to try killing the baby >.>

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How is this in any way microsoft's fault? They let Polytron release the first patch for free, and it ended up causing problems. Of course they aren't going to do that again.