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Trainer: Vager

Friend Code: 0834 1014 1416

Version: X

Added every friend code from the last 2 pages.

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Hard to comprehend this.

RIP, Ryan.

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I'd like to join.


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They should really automate it so countdowns for live shows appear when they're under 2 hours before starting. Maybe also automatically starting up the chat when it's under 30 or 15 minutes.

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Ah, man.. This hits me hard. You talking about new/upcoming web features for Giant Bomb via videos and the Bombcast many years ago was a major influence that got me into web design. That all pushed me to teach myself how to build something other than a basic html page. It became a hobby at that point, and now it's my job.

Best of luck in raising your daughter and I look forward to what you'll be doing next.