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Never installed it.
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woop woop woop !
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My best friend memorized the entire script of the Aladdin movie. 
Like he can tell you the entire movie word for word including singing the songs. 
I sat there listening to him do it once.
It's fucking scary.
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Bought it, thanks.
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The Backstreet Boys on Cassette in Elementary School like 15 years ago. It just so happens to be my first bought album too. 
Don't ask me why I wanted it; I don't even remember why.
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I something similar while I was a GM on a Ultima Online server.  
Changed my model to a creature that was not used in the game and terrorized players for a week by running up to them and summoning a boat load of skeletons and then running away. 
Then I setup a hunt to basically find and hunt me down for some really good loot. 
It was fun listening to conversations about some weird creature running around during the week.
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Is there a way to satisfyingly end an RPGs or Hack 'n Slash games without a boss fight? 
There are probably other genres that pretty much always have boss fights.


 I beat the Flamelucker a few hours ago. That was damn hard; at least until I figured out how to glitch the guy.
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I bought a PS3 last month after owning a 360 since it launched. 
Definitely worth getting it now.
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Demon's Souls.
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Anywhere, but EB Games/Gamestop. 
I don't like that they open all they're sealed games and put cruddy stickers on them. 
I like my cases to look new.