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All the codes are gone.  
Good job to the people who figured out you could take advantage of the system. 
I didn't really want to post that you could take advantage of it.
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I beat it and I had no mention of Morrigan and a small blurb about Leliana at the end. 
Though I did tell Morrigan to beat it at the end of Origins.
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My guess is that it has something to do with Shaq on Twitter.
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Ultima Online: Renaissance, I think I bought it 5 or 6 times.
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That quote makes the game seem awesome.
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So the whole list that was leaked months ago was 100% correct? lol

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I'd say Wurm Online, but thats a niche MMO.

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I can usually dream about what ever I want. 
I tend to think about what I want to dream about before I go to sleep and it happens. 
Cant sleep without doing it now; unless I'm completely exhausted. 
Also, for a split second I was trying to remember when I made this thread; realized that it's not me.