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This thread made me realize that I never liked a Valve game before. Weird..

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@phrosnite said:
" I think this is a good thing. Come one, when aren't you connected to the inet? Of course there will be some cases when you won't have inet for a short time... but really? If there are no server problems I think this will make more devs come back to the platform and shit like 4-6 months delay for the PC version of Ubi games won't happen.  Starcraft 2 will require you to be connected all the time( yes even when you play the SP). I can't wait to see what reviewers have say about that when the game comes out. "  
There will be a guest mode that will let you play offline.
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Man; 1, 2 and 4 are some of the big reasons why I like RPGs. 
I never liked the Final Fantasy series; the only one I've ever liked was Mystic Quest. 
I've always found JRPG stories to be weird and go overboard with drama and stereotypes. 
Even still I temped to buy it.. 
God damn, it's frustrating wanting to buy and play a game, knowing your most likely not going to like it.

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Thanks, maybe I'll start playing SFIV again. 
Kinda got pissed off a while back when my save file disappeared and all my progress gone along with it.
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If it's popular; probably.
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I do a lot of reading on the net and I find it hard to concentrate when I'm listening to music while reading. 
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Code wasn't working on the 360 kept saying it was invalid. Had to go to and redeem it there.
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I have a set button on my mouse to do that. 
Yes, I am that lazy. 
I used to press F5.  
It feels sad to say this, but I don't want to risk wasting my time trying to aim over a small button on the corner of my monitor.