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  • Castle Crashers
  • Atomic Tank
  • Geometry Wars 2

All because of the awesome coop you can have during a party.

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Iji, Dwarf Fortress, Cave Story, Cho Ren Sha 68k, Dungeon Crawl, POWDER, Garden of Paradise, UnReal World, Toribash

I'd say Dwarf Fortress is my favorite out of those.

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IE! I love me IE, even though I'm in the vast minority.

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Seth Rogen's To Observe and Report is a better mall cop movie.

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I enjoy watching the news like CNN, CBC, BBC.

I use to know the ins and outs of the Young & the Restless when I was a kid, mostly due to my mom watching it every day.

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So if the big bang is true and the universe started as a small dense object then blew up, thus expanding the universe. Why would it suddenly stop expanding? That would imply some kind of barrier is preventing it from expanding.
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@The_A_Drain said:
"As for the universe expanding, again, complete bullshit. Given that the 'big bang' was X many millions of years ago, light can only have traveled a certain distance in that time, and the light from outside this sphere (with earth as the centrepoint) has not yet reached the earth, so we cannot see it. Yet, as we get further and further from the big bang, more light reaches us because it has had longer to travel, and thus it appears to us that the universe is expanding when in reality, someone is turning on the lights, very very slowly."
If everything came from the big bang and nothing can go faster then the speed of light. It would be impossible for any sort of mass not to have seen the light from the big bang.
I may of read it wrong, but that is how I understood it.
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The top ad looks like its in an odd position, but the other one fits perfectly.

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I took walks when college was stressful, now it's a daily ritual for me.