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I think CoD4 is better but I end up playing Halo 3 multiplayer a lot more and it's for one reason. Being able to play online with 4 people locally. Every game should have that feature.

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Will Wright and it doesn't have to be game related.

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Brad shall respond to this article by posting another article. I hope.

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Among my friends, I'm the best at everything, well in consoles anyways. RTS tends to be my downfall because I don't like to be aggressive. I love building a large fancy looking base with building defenses and just about no units what so ever. I'm pretty good when I force myself to be more aggressive, but I don't enjoy doing it.

My friends also think I'm weird for enjoying roguelike games or games with ASCII graphics. Roguelike is an old school RPG genre for people who don't know what that is.

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My dad doesn't know how to turn a computer on, let alone use it and he falls asleep while watching TV. He passes the time by either working or making 100s and 100s of bottles of different kinds of wine.

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You can't really beat it but, Dwarf Fortress.
I had to watch almost 7 hours of video tutorials to understand everything in that game.
There are still somethings that I have a hard time doing (Water/Magma Channeling) but I can get a pretty big fortress in no time now.

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I always wondered where people got to think that Canadians say "aboot" instead of "about". In all my days, I have never heard someone say that in a serious manner.
"Eh" in the other hand is used by quite a bit of Canadians, including me.

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I bought a budget Dell 5 years ago and I'm still using it. I haven't been able to play a new game on it for a few years now. There are times I go crazy and badly want a new computer but that passes away after a little while. I still do play games on my computer. It just revolves around Indie games like Dwarf fortress, Dungeon Crawl and sometimes the odd Blizzard game. As of right now I don't have any commercial games installed on my computer and I frankly don't care. I am 100% satisfied with what I play on my PC.

I went berserk after I spent 10+ hours trying to fix my current PC a few years back. I didn't touch it for a week. lol

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Game Addiction at it's finest.

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I hope EA goes crazy marketing the thing just before the release. Halo 3 Style.