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All your asses are wrong!!

Pigeon Boy Adventures into King Arthur's Merry Land Kingdom is clearly the best game ever made. You can NOT deny the awesomeness of it.
Anything but FIRST would cause your internal organs to explode into happy flush cakes of mashed pigeon poo. 

... I swear on your pity soul that it will happen... Edit the Article.. now.

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Geno said:
@Paradox, WoW has close to 12 million subscribers, a large part of which play several hours a day. It's not unreasonable to assume 10% of the player pop is on at any given time (and remember, this is under the condition that the servers are mostly lag free too). Games like Runescape are way smaller than WoW yet they have about 150k-200k concurrent users on average.

They're all spread through different servers. You can't group up or talk to all 12 million players on WoW.
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Just happened to my Gear 2 disc a few days ago. I never moved the damn thing, so I have no clue why it scratched it to an unreadable state.

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Axersia said:

"Yeah, it's because you deleted the 2 paragraphs.

Scroll down for my post and read for an explanation.

Umm, I guess it makes sense. The system can't tell why I'm removing info. Though really it was beneficial to the article.
It would be nice if mods could overide the deductions from removing content if they thought it was legitimate.


"You don't get awarded points for removing content. If you did that, people with 1000 points would go around deleting entire articles.

I don't expect to get points for that. Though I expect points to come from what I added.
Right now its people with 1000 points that are copy pasting articles from Wikipedia and getting points for it.

This tells me one thing: remove bad content first then add content after its been approved.

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I guess this is a bug. I did remove around 2 paragraphs that were copy pasted from wikipedia also. Could be from that.

Ultima Online
Overview 51 minutes
-Removed Sequels and Lord British assassination (Reason: Info should be put in their own game and character pages. Plus, its been copy pasted from other sites.) - Added Image to Overview - Added Skills description with image - Moved Expansions to the bottom - Added Crafting description with image

Then I recieved this email:
Your submission to Ultima Online has been approved.
You have been awarded 1 point!
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Most likely. Some shards actually improved the whole sandbox concept that made UO great.
Nice review btw.

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McDs, mostly cause I have a friend who works there and I get 50% off. :)

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I play every once in a while, never really did play the actual ladder games. Ended up just playing UMS only lol.
I really want to get back into map making. It was exciting to see one of my maps being played by the majority of UMS players at the time.