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I really want a new IP, Blizzard details their IPs to the bone.

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I don't, but if I do, it sure as hell won't be the official one. They lost their way long ago.

If I ever go back it'll be the crafting, I absolutely loved it.

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Vager is my first and only Alias. Unless its taken then I add a X or somthing :( I'd rather not.

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I bought Street of Rage 2 last week for 400. At least the XNA games can be cheaper.

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Haha, I could see the casual's cower at the mention of this.

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The story trailer really got me hyped for it. Hopefully the lightsaber combat is nice and fluid like Jedi Academy.
The KOTOR MMO takes the cake for Star Wars games that I want though.

btw, I'm having fun the the link search :) Going to using that alot.

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Mines at 21 hours, I'll let them slide.
I'm sure they have days worth of submission to go through.

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Didn't seem like there were alot of people when GB was in blog form. Then Blam!
To think there were that many users in the shadows.

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I don't mind the look. They needed to mange the clutter on the current one anyway.
The market place stuff is everywhere and the arcade games are a bitch to sort through.
In fact I like it, way better than what they have now. The blades are nice, but a clean look is better.

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360, I'm more comfortable with it's controller then the PS3's.