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The North Pole: A Multidimensional place in outer space where Santa lives. 
The Ricker knows his Geography! 

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  1. White Knight Chronicles 
  2. Demon's Souls 
  3. InFamous 
  4. Valkyria Chronicles

Thats as far as my PS3 exclusive collection goes.  
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@Mancannon said:
" @The_Laughing_Man:   Oh, well that's unfortunate. Any particular reason behind that decision? Seems really dickish to charge for the app and then abandon it, just to give a fully functioning version to paid members. "
They got frustrated with how long it takes for Apple to approve changes to the app. So they made a mobile site that they can modify at anytime.
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Ya, it's Coello. 
Here's more of those  illustrations but ANIMATED: 

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That was pretty amazing.

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Does this finally concluded that Hamburgers are indeed sandwiches? 
For people who don't get it: 
The first thread on Giant Bomb was a debate about hamburgers being sandwiches. 
The hamburger forum was one of the most popular boards in GB for a really long time and it became the first Giant Bomb Meme.

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I like the design, it's a lot cleaner then before. I thought their old design was horrible. 
Though I rarely visit kotaku outside of Google Reader. 
This might solve some people's complaints about the new design:

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Chrome's New Tab page.