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Here's 4 more for duders in the new steam group!

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Sent off games to the winners.

Just a heads up. There are people outside the GB community participating in these giveaways.

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First one was Act 1 Inferno, Tal Rasha Chest on my Monk.

Got some shield while leveling my barb.

And 3 this weekend while doing some Inferno 5 NV Zoltan and Beliel runs on my Demon Hunter.

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Currently in Act 4 Inferno as a Monk, though I lack dps to progress through late act 3 and 4 solo. I just tank for friends who are glass cannons.

You will need 4 types of stats on your gear: Dex, Vit, All Resist and any single resist type. Prioritize all resist and a single resist gear, while still having ok dex and vit stats. Getting gear with high armour is also really good. You will need a shield at some point. The extra armor just becomes way to valuable when you get to Act 2. It terms of weapons, getting high attack speed with life on hit are the best. Don't sacrifice too much dps just to get some life on hit though.

Here is my build. Stats are 18k damage (buffed), 35k hp, 800 resist, 8.5k Armor (buffed)

One With Everything is why you need All Resist and a single resist that's used on all your gear. You will pretty much double your resistances this way.

Your mantra will become your spirit dump. Try to keep the 3 second buff up all the time. If you keep that up while attacking with Fist of Thunder you should get around 60% dodge while also healing due to the transcendence passive.

Breath of Heaven with the Blazing Wrath rune will give you a 15% damage buff which you can keep up forever.

Serenity and Blinding Flash are your "Oh Shit!" abilities. Serenity for dealing with champion affixes. Blinding Flash for a brief stun and for doing a large burst of damage.

Lashing Tail Kick is optional. I like it due to the knockback and slow that the rune gives. Helps with dealing with packs of white mobs. I switch this out with Earth Ally, Sweeping Wind or Seven-Sided Strike depending on the situation.

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

@SuperSambo said:

I was totally ready when I thought this was a co-op game, but it seems like it will be so boring on your own.

Sorry if I have missed it, but has there been any mention was to why it isnt co-op?

On the face of it the game seems built for it!

What ever made you think it was co op? And no it was not said why it was not co op. Every game does not need to have co op in it.

The Pawns in the trailers/videos of the game looked more like other players than NPCs. The comparisons to Monster Hunter probably helped too.

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Either the first C&C or Red Alert.