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I prefer Pepsi, will go either way. 
I always ask for coke though. I have a habit of saying coke when I mean to say cola.

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-31 C currently. 
Going to be -1 C on Friday, damn good.

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I've used this avatar on everything for many years. I never change it, maybe only slightly modify it.

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I agree with ProfessorEss' suggestions. 
Also, put Bambusa Jit-Jitsu on every page title. ex. ("Bambusa Jit-Jitsu - Main", "Bambusa Jit-Jitsu - Contact Us") 
It's not a big problem but, it's standard practice to have contact us link at the end of the navigation menu. 

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NDX is rated as the 3rd best podcast in Canada on iTunes. 
That's fucking crazy.

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Small Live Crab, picked straight out of the rocks near the ocean. 
Octopus? Not sure if that's weird; I have it few times a year.
Chili Dogs are awesome by the way.

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Nicely done, I like how you have the logo popping out of the header.

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I watch MonoPingo's Best of P4 ER videos, every few months. 
It's missing the last 50 episodes but, it's it'll still fucking awesome compilation. 
I hope he finishes it at some point.

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This stuff seems stupid...
Isn't this just stat boosted weapons and armor that are already in the game?