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This stuff seems stupid...
Isn't this just stat boosted weapons and armor that are already in the game?        

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 Old Desktop

New Desktop  
Both wallpapers were made by me. 
The new one actually changes color every few seconds.
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Around 6. More sleep is a luxury I can't afford on the weekdays unfortunately.

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PC, if I get some hardware upgrades before it comes out. 

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America's closet ally is the one that agree's with them on that day. 
I've heard many countries get called America's closet ally.

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I believe it was The Winter Games for the Commodore.

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It happened to me a few times before. It's been a long time since the last one.
I didn't freak out because of it though. I guess it's because I already knew I was dreaming. 
This did freak me out:
While I was half asleep, I would feel like I'm hearing a extremely loud sound at a constant rate. 
I knew this wasn't true, which freaked me out but, I couldn't shake that feeling and I would try and cover my ears. 
This would last for 15 minutes or so. It only happened twice in my life; once when I was a kid and another just last year.

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I remember playing it during the beta period. It was pretty fun, never did end up purchasing it though.

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@Liono88 said:
This! "
Problem Solved.
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Picross 3D is the best DS game I have ever played.  The game's music is giving me the chills.